Saturday, January 4, 2014

Handmade Village Scene

  I know its after the holidays but I have been enjoying the quiet after Christmas rush.  My girlfriend and I got to spend some time crafting and decided to try our hand at creating a village scene made of cereal boxes.  It was a sticky messy process but the outcome was so worth it.  Glitter was everywhere but the sparkle made it magical ! I wish I could capture how cute these are in person..... 
The mini snowball garland was a nice touch to the roof and doorway.

I made my own wreath with vintage looking rope garland.  The miniature chair was originally black and I used alcohol ink to change the color to gold and glittered it...

We made our own patterns and played with enlarging them to the size we wanted.  The houses are different sizes!

 We glittered the mini sled  near the front door to tone down the color and make it more vintage looking.  The embossing paste make the frosting on the roof.  We even found some ivy wired garland in my stash and added snow and glitter.  Got to love the white picket fence and smoke coming our of the hand painted brick chimney.

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