Saturday, March 19, 2016

June Bride !

 What a pretty favor box !  My niece Molly is getting married this June and her bridal shower is next month.  Wedding preparations are underway.  She has been so organized and enjoying it all while finishing her senior year of college where she is on the Dean's List.   

A sneak peek at the banner !  Her colors are navy blue, gray, and a touch of burgundy.   She has a little bit of a nautical theme happening. I found this stamp for a dollar and embossed the navy blue ink for a finished look.  Thought it made a great center for the ships wheel.  
 I've been making white, dark and peanut butter chocolates. I am creating mini boats for the chocolates and have the masts all made.   I have even done a practice table set up but can't show it here just yet.   

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