Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gazebo for a Wedding.....

                                 I can finally post the picture and share as this was a surprise gift. This adorable box is all made of paper !
  The embossed roof...I ordered a whole package of heavy weight white cardstock by Bazzill to make sure I was using all the same white (I also used it for the lining of the box as my paper was not double sided but was white on the opposite side of the patterned paper.)   Some double sided papers are not always pretty on the other side and would show when opening the box. I added a wooden ball to the roof to finish it off.

 The green flowered paper is the lid for the bottom box.  You do need to have a nice weight paper to make this feel more substantial.  I made the box walls stronger by adding an inner lining of white panels.  I added the sage green pom pom trim to take away from too much pink.  There are so many different ways to decorate this but I decided not to go over the top and keep it a little more classic.  A nice tea light in the center would be nice for evening. 

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  1. Adorable gazebo!! Really loved it. The creativity of it is just awesome. Thanks for this awesome idea. Was really confused in what to gift my friend on her wedding at New York wedding venues. But now planning to have something creative like yours. It will be a best gift.